People that were trustworthy, reliable, and gave me a few minutes of their day to do something supposedly insignificant

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They are the people that I could call when I couldn’t walk back to my dorm, the people that made sure I ate when I didn’t have the energy to go myself, the people that kept up with how I was doing. Some of them were my closest friends and my siblings – holding me through every heart episode and sending me verses and texts of encouragement. They were my roommates that would check on me if I didn’t go to class and were always eager to do anything to help. Some of them were people I didn’t know well – lab assistants praying for me, ushers that sat with me on the floor outside chapel, professors that allowed me to show up late to the final exam, classmates that jumped in to help during crises.

The key is to try and be as objective as possible and consider everything from every possible angle

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There are a lot of people in our lives who want to be there for us and want to offer advice. We just need to know how to understand, vet and apply it once we’ve received it. I think the most important thing is to know who has our ear and know whether or not we can trust them to help us make the best decision. We are human after all and oftentimes we allow our own feelings, experiences, fears and worries to factor into our own advice giving.

With so many unanswered questions about the state of the world, I found it therapeutic and peaceful to work on a quiet project that could bring my students a measure of joy

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One of the things that’s pulled me through the transition from Private-Piano-Teacher to Online-Teacher over the past several weeks has been the support of so many individuals who have taken the time to share ideas online. I’d like to say a thank-you to the teacher who shared this idea! I had fun doing this and my students have loved receiving their packages! ❤